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Introducing our exquisite Sapphire Blue French Lavender, a product that will transport you to the enchanting fields of Provence. Immerse yourself in the soothing aroma of this premium lavender variety, known for its vibrant blue hue and captivating fragrance.

Handpicked with care, our Sapphire Blue French Lavender is cultivated in the picturesque region of France, where the ideal climate and rich soil contribute to its exceptional quality. Each blossom is carefully harvested at the peak of perfection, ensuring that you receive only the finest lavender buds.

Whether you use it for aromatherapy, crafting, or simply to add a touch of elegance to your home, our Sapphire Blue French Lavender is a versatile and luxurious choice. Let the calming scent fill your space, promoting relaxation and tranquility. Experience the beauty and allure of this timeless flower with our Sapphire Blue French Lavender.

INFUSION: Tending mauve to purple


TEA CUP 8oz (237ml) 10oz (296ml) 12oz (355ml)
AMOUNT 1 heaping teaspoon 1 heaping teaspoon 1.5 heaping teaspoon
MILD 3-5 min 3-5 min 3-5 min
MEDIUM 4-5 min 4-5 min 4-5 min
STRONG 6-7 min 6-7 min 6-7 min
Recommendation 3-5 min
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