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Kava Waka 30% Kavalactone 225g

Kava Waka 30% Kavalactone 225g

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Stay Calm, Relaxed and be happy with Kavalink’s  Kava, a scientifically proven remedy to relieve GENERALIZED ANXIETY disorder

Kava, a Natures gift to mankind from mother earth’s medicine chest, was gifted to the islands of FIJI and its neighboring Islands of the South Pacific, where throughout history, kava has been known as the drink of the Gods and has been honored as such.

Recently, Fijians were voted the happiest, most relaxed nation on earth and that is because for them, kava time is anytime

  • Our 100 % noble kava roots (Waka), in a traditional powder form is considered the most effective HERBAL REMEDY for GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER.
  • Grown naturally (Free of any pesticides/chemicals) on the high hills of world-renowned kava growing Island of Kadavu in Fiji.
  • Quality controlled from pre planting to final packaging and only the kava roots from fully matured plants used.
  • The first and only kava product which is shipped directly from Fiji to Canada.
  • Lab tested packed and labelled right in British Columbia Canada in food grade water proof and smell proof bags at a lab in Richmond BC
  • Affordable and in various sizes to accommodate all budgets
  • To be used as a calmative to help relieve Nervousness and Restlessness.

Let Our Kava Melt your Stress Away.
Be happy
Kava time is any time

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