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Acid Frog TS Black

Acid Frog TS Black

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Introducing the Acid frog T-shirt, a symbol of wealth, abundance, and good luck in ancient cultures. This unique T-shirt combines ancient wisdom with a modern vibe, featuring a wide collar, super soft fabric, and a stunning print design that is sure to turn heads.

Made from 100% cotton, each Acid frog T-shirt is handcrafted with care, featuring hand-made silk screen prints that ensure a high-quality finish. The original custom artwork for each collection adds a touch of exclusivity to this one-of-a-kind piece.

Whether you're heading out for a nice evening, attending a festival, or simply socializing with friends, the Acid frog T-shirt is the perfect choice. Embrace the ancient wisdom, rebirth, and good luck that frogs symbolize with this stylish and versatile piece that will fit seamlessly into any occasion.

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